Professional testing programs help reduce costs over the entire lifetime of an asset, making a real contribution to the smooth operation of companies’ assets over many years.

Testing is important through each stage of commissioning, before the pipeline systems are installed, during their installation and, most of all, after they are buried or submerged and put into service.

Suppliers and operators want reassurance in the predicted life and integrity of their products under the duress and stresses of a real installation in the field.

To address this need, ROSEN has established a testing facility to deliver a wide range of routine and customized testing services to the oil and gas industry.



We like to be tested as much as we like to test. Whatever comes through the door, we can adapt or modify our equipment to carry out the tests a client requires. ROSEN will meet any testing requirement where considerations regarding safety, durability and cost are key. Every testing project is a consultancy project, unique in itself.

We simulate operational conditions – much like assets might experience in the field – to expose them to as near to real-life stresses as possible.

We test all assets over time cycles or subject them to static examinations, all in the interest of determining their operational performance.

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In service, assets must work under high pressure. At our testing facility, we can put assets, flexible or rigid, under these pressures to simulate real-life conditions.

Whether it be acceptance testing, test to failure, fatigue testing or evaluating the effect of pressure drops across assets, our aim is to offer a world-class professional service furnishing insights into the data behind the physical mechanics of your pipeline infrastructure.


Mechanical Testing

Our purpose-built rigs in the facility enable vibration testing, the application of agitation over time, bending of pipe and vessels, and strength testing — on a variety of different materials. Tests are routinely run for crushing and impact forces, assessing the possible consequences of mechanical forces – and failure – on assets when in situ.


Environmental Exposure

We can recreate most environments to determine an asset’s expected operational life and performance. Sealed environmental units can operate at continuous pre-set air temperatures and are large enough – typically standard container size – to house most assets under testing conditions.

Dedicated chambers can simulate carefully-controlled UV light, humidity and corrosive atmospheres – salt and toxicity for example – to determine the long-term effects of weathering.



No testing facility can ignore metallurgical examination in the oil and gas context. Our laboratories work in close conjunction with our experts in welding and materials who have extensive experience in materials investigation and metal working. Thus we can take pipe of any dimension to perform testing and conclude investigations on metals and welds at both microscopic and macroscopic levels.


Site Verification Services

A laboratory is not like a site. Therefore, we aim to take our testing out of the lab and into the field for real-life verification. If an asset is designed to be in soil, sand, sea or water, the natural environment will almost always pose additional, unexpected challenges. This is why we put our expertise and our theories into practice in the natural world where reality bites.



Any project, big or small, carries uncertainty. Our mission is to validate that uncertainty. In many cases standard testing is not appropriate or useful. This is where our many years of relevant experience come into play.

We will build what we need to make tests work, and we will apply the same rigor to quality control, regardless of whether the test is routine or customized.

This is why ROSEN commissioned this new testing facility, furthering our commitment to comprehensive asset care to meet any challenge.


Testing for certainty

Right from the start

We evaluate products, devices and other assets empirically, early in the design process, thus establishing their suitability for purpose. This usually applies directly to newly developing assets as they are being made ready for launch on the market or construction on-site. We qualify assets against industry standards. This requires testing for performance over time, under pressure and in other simulated environmental circumstances.

In the event of failure, testing to establish cause is a vital post-installation function. An in-depth understanding of how and why a failure has occurred allows us to add value to product development and testing with a holistic and hands-on approach.


A global network within reach

The ROSEN group has access to an extensive global network of in-house engineering and consultancy experts who work closely with the operators of oil and gas facilities and in associated and supporting industries. In recent years, ROSEN has established a large resource of expertise with deep roots in the UK. Situated at Brunswick Park approximately 6 miles (10 km) north of Newcastle city center, the ROSEN testing facility is strategically placed to offer excellent access to the local, national and international transport network and has close travel links to the ROSEN UK head office at Quorum Business Park in Benton. Spanning approximately 2,800m2, the facility offers a generous 2,100m2 of internal floor space complete with custom-fitted laboratories and work spaces.



ROSEN can be your single point of contact for asset testing. Please contact us, and we will be happy to provide you with more information or speak to you about your project.


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